Eve Online: A charming universe

EVE Online is an MMORPG developed by CCP Games that was released in 2003 and allows us to discover an impressive galactic universe. Sadly, the game is not free and you can purchase a copy either via Stream or in boxed packages in specialized stores.

The basic activity is working for resources, fighting against other players (PvP) or against the environment (PvE). You also get to pilot amazingly drawn ships (that can be customized) through an enormous galaxy (7800 stars) to find new enemies and resources.

The game is mostly peaceful and we believe it will be more attractive for users interested in exploring and building worlds more than fighting and destroying enemies. You will have a healthy amount of pursuits and quests but there’s also a lot of mining, building, and trading. EVE is a complex system with various economic and politic rules that help you integrate and learn.

Enemies can be direct (pirates that will open fire as soon as they lay eyes on you) or scammers and spies which are way more dangerous than the first type. On the other hand, the action is not just ‘shoot and blow things up’, like in many war games. No, you have to think your moves and analyze your situation if you actually want to win. Even ship piloting is a skill and you need a bit of math vision to understand it.

In EVE Online victory is not about good reflexes; it’s about strategy and the ability to choose the right equipment, build a powerful team, and maintain the lines of communication open. Things are never what they seem and you must be careful about cleverly set traps that might lead on thinking you’re winning. EVE Online is more a game of the brains and attracts a through the interesting and elusive environment it creates.


The Gameplay

The basic action happens in a large universe with solar systems and wormholes that you get to explore flying around in your spaceship. The advancement in skills and game happens in real time so things happen in the game even when you’re not actually online.

Also, the economy is open and you can use NPC (non-player characters) to buy your way to new skills. You can also make trades and even look for materials necessary to repair a ship yourself. While some players might consider the game boring, you have to understand that all the elements are connected and you are an important part of an expanding universe.