Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Are you looking for the next MMORPG to keep you engaged and totally devoted to the action? Well, Final Fantasy XIV is the perfect candidate for this job! The game is developed by Square Enix, the Japanese company that also brought us game franchises like Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts. A Realm Reborn was released in the second half of 2013 and can be played on PCs, Mac computers, and the latest consoles from Sony (PlayStation 3 and 4).


The basic elements

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is the better version of Final Fantasy XIV which was not that well-received by the public. So, to please users, Square Enix invested resources and time to create the land of Eorzea where your character is transported 5 years in the future. It’s a time of recovery after war and Eorzea is rebuilding itself, but with a new threat rising from the North: the Garlean Empire.

Just like most modern games, A Realm Reborn provides users with stunning graphics and mesmerizing landscapes. You also get to almost feel the weather as there will be fog and rains very realistically depicted. Even more, the music (created by Masayoshi Soken) is immersing and inspiring.

In conclusion, you got all the necessary elements of a great game: a great story, amazing graphics, and inspiring music.

The action

The activity is based on a tale as old as time: the fight of good vs. evil. The game offers you 50 levels filled with action, cinematics, and tasks that will help you learn skills and evolve as a character. The evolution is not straightforward as, to become all you can be, you have to reach certain levels in certain jobs. For instance, to become a Bard, your character must be level 30 as an Archer and level 15 as a Pugilist.

Also, you can change classes by simply changing weapons which comes in handy in various situations. The game allows for maximum versatility so you are not stuck in just one course of action.

The combat scenes are designed in the traditional MMO style but this shouldn’t be seen as a disappointment. You will get lots of excitement in dungeons scenes as here is the strong point of A Realm Reborn. First level dungeons will be simple but things start to get complicated with levels 30 to 35.

In conclusion, A Realm Reborn is a fantastic world that grows on you. The action leads you through challenging tasks and amazing graphics, creating a perfect fantastic world for every video game lover.