FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

Regardless of the fact that you like soccer or not, if you like video games you definitely heard about FIFA! This game series is supported by EA Canada and EA Sports and tries to immerse players into the real action of a soccer game.

While the start was in 1993, each year brought something new to the series and the graphic level increased to the point where we can see emotions on players’ faces. However, if you thought there’s nothing new to add after 13 series, you were wrong. FIFA 16 is the first in the series to promote female players and also the first to allow fans to decide who should be on the cover (besides Messi of course).


The Gameplay & Features

The general idea is simple: you start with a small soccer team and you grow by earning games. As you grow, you can get better players and finally, you can even get to hire Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo which is the pinnacle of this game.

However, there is more to this game than just playing soccer. First, you have 78 stadiums to explore and 50 real places that have meaning to soccer fans and FIFA. One good example is Fratton Park, a place added to honor the memory of an important member of the FIFA creation team.

FIFA 16 also comes with a new Training Mode where you get to train and grow your players without actually putting them in real games. You can even decide the career path the player will take by specifying certain attributes and skills. As the player grows, he will become more valuable as his/her transfer value grows.

The fun part of a game like FIFA is not necessarily in games. It’s in the fact that you have to learn how to manage and grow a team, you have to deal with transfers, and other issues that usually don’t show up on the field. So, by the end of the game, you will also gain some managing skills and some valuable information in the soccer world.

The game is available for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

Building your team

FIFA 16 starts you off with a regular team and your goal is to grow it. In the end, you should end up with world renowned players who carry your name wherever they go. However, professional players are extremely expensive and difficult to obtain. It usually takes a lot of games, negotiation, and struggle to gather that kind of money and skills. Yet, if you want to move faster in the game, there’s a shortcut: you can buy FIFA coins. If you’re interested in buying FIFA coins, take a look at buycheapcoinsfifa.

However, you must make sure when you buy FIFA coins the source is legit. There is a wide range of sites that promise a legit transaction, but they are nothing more than scams. If you choose to go with the traditional game, you will have to be successful in a wide range of tournaments and leagues to get better players.

In the end, even though it comes with new features and improved graphics, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is very similar to the previous versions. The gameplay and the experiences are similar, but every true gamer wants the latest version of his/her favorite game.