Guild Wars 2: Game review

Guild Wars 2 is a popular MMORPG that presents us the fantastic world of Tyria where you get to see and fight dragons and all sorts of mythical creatures. The main action happens between Destiny’s Edge guild and the Elder dragons – a species that took over Tyria.

Guild Wars is also one of the few MMORPGs to offer a storyline that is responsive to users’ actions. This is something normal in single player games, but quite rare in a massive multiplayer game. Thus, you will not have traditional quests that have a rock-solid storyline. You’ll be able to approach a quest in your own personal manner making things a lot more interesting and personal. But quests are not the only things that implement a more dynamic effect; so is the combat system. While the original game was more set on a complex magical system, in this version you can use the environment as a weapon and you will need fewer skills to perform certain magic actions.

The base game became free-to-play in 2015 when it reached over 5 million copies sold. So now, anyone can create an account and enjoy the magical world of Tyria.

guild wars 2

The Plot and Gameplay details

The action takes place 250 years after the events in the Eye of the North expansion. In this world, the human race is threatened by 5 awoken Elder Dragons that spread destruction and mayhem all over Tyria. The situation is desperate and the only hope lies with the disbanded guild of multi-racial adventurers called Destiny’s Edge. The members of this guild struggle and your job as a player is to reunite them once more in the fight against the Elder Dragons.

While the story seems simple, the graphics, combat action and general interaction with game elements are not. Everything is in high-quality and users get to enjoy amazing fighting sessions and fantastic landscapes.

Development and expansions

Guild of War 2 used to receive content updates every 2 weeks – these were meant to add to the game’s interest and fix any bugs discovered by users. After a while these updates came further apart but they also added new elements to the game. For instance, a content update in November 2012 brought users a new dungeon to explore. And the best part is that it wasn’t just a dungeon – the main structure was designed to contain a wide array of mini-dungeons, each with its own story and quests.

The updates continued, and in the years to come, the game got enriched with new storylines and even sections of Tyria no one knew about.

Finally, in 2015, producers announced an expansion of the game. Called Heart of Thorns, this brings new challenges, professions, specializations, and even new territories. The game continues to receive updates and improvements even today, with the latest one being released in July 2016 – the Living World Season 3.