Star Wars: The Old Republic

Who doesn’t love Star Wars? The franchise that launched the idea of a populated universe with various races and beings is one to go into legend. Of course, we all expected that the universe created by George Lucas in the world of Hollywood will expand in the video game as well. And we were not disappointed! With amazing graphics and an interesting plot, this MMORPG reached its first million users within 3 days from the launch date.

It is also considered to be one of the most expensive games ever created (development wise). Launched in 2011, the game takes us in a Star Wars universe after a fragile peace was established between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. As a player, you can join either the Sith or the Republic and you have to work through 8 different classes each divided in three acts. The most interesting part is that you get to enjoy amazing personalization options and even companion characters.

All in all, if you’re a Star Wars fan, it’s close to impossible to not like this game!

star wars old republic

The story & Gameplay

If you think you’ll get to see the same events you know from the Star Wars film, we should warn you: the events in the game take place 3600 years before the movies. However, the conflict is similar as Jedi Knights will still look to find guidance while the Siths will still be looking for power. There is a civil war and armed conflict and you’ll get to visit many planets which make the game quite interesting.

The storyline is of extreme importance and you’ll easily get swept away by the event line. However, no two players will have the same experience! The game is designed to offer multiple opportunities and, even though each class is set on a certain gameplay, you will be allowed to choose how the story goes on. This is what makes this game quite charming and unpredictable.

You also get companion characters and fully voiced dialogues to enhance the idea of an interactive game. Even more, users get their own starship to use in galactic battles and to travel from one planet to another! Sadly, you can’t choose the ship to use as one is assigned according to the faction you swore allegiance to. Thus, as a Sith you get a Fury, as a Bounty Hunter you get a D5-Mantis, as an Imperial Agent you get an X-70B Phantom, and Jedi Knights get a Defender. Of course, there are other races and other ships and may have the chance to try them all.